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My Friends


My Friends

My Friends :)

Dan : I first met Dan my junior year in high school during our production of "Oklahoma!".  We've been friends ever since and been through a lot together.  From my coming out, to his getting married and having a baby.  I trust him implicitely.
Michael : Michael is seriously one of the most talented individuals I have ever known!  He's smart, witty, charming and cute to boot!  I am so glad that I have someone in my life such as him, as I learned a very valuable lesson :)
Dawn : This girl is the greatest!  Not only is she someone who will have your back at any moment, she has a temper that flares which always makes me laugh.  I haven't been much in touch with her lately, but I miss the snot out of her!
Krystal : The good little Catholic girl.......hehehehe :)
Laura : This little kitten is one of the most happenin' girls I know!  She's genuine and real and most fun!  Remember Laura, "I'm a feline on the prowl!"
Nick : If ever you want to party, Nick is the one to call.  He's extremely fun to hang out with, is a great time when you're out, and he is HILARIOUS!!!
Josh : When I think of funny, I think of Josh.  Funny lookin' that is -- hehehe, I'm just jokin'!  Josh is an extremely talented singer, and someone who is very trusting and kind.  He's a downright awesome guy and I'm glad to have known him!
Megan : When I first met Megan, I had never seen someone who was so beautiful in my life!  Then to add to that, she is so personable, very witty, intelligent and a good friend.  We miss you Megan, come visit soon!
Kara : Kara is a coworker of mine at Standard Federal.  She is quickly becoming a really good friend.  I love hanging out with her and talking about anything.  She's a really great person with a good head on her shoulders!