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July 20, 2002 : ABN-AMRO, the parent company to Standard Federal and LaSalle Banks hosted an offsite rally on the campus of Western Michigan University.  It was full of food, carnival games, caricature artists and more -- a completely free event for the employees of SF and LaSalle Banks.  Best part was, a free concert at the end by a mystery guest.  We were told it was an 80's band, and were kept in the dark until the opening number.  Much to my surprise it was Huey Lewis and the News!  It was an exciting event, and as much as I didn't want to go, I had a great time!
July 31, 2002 : Hearing news of a former soap stars coming out, I emailed actor Thom Bierdz to find out what he's been up to!  In a polite and sincere reply, Thom told me to check out his web site, which is chock full of photos and information about Thom's life and his upcoming projects!  Check it out here!
August 6, 2002 : I had a moment with Josh Groban last night...well, not "with" Josh, but close.  His song "To Where You Are" became available to me at Karaoke (Monday nights at Tradewinds), and I opted to give it a shot.  Considering the song makes me cry whenever I hear it, I gave the song my best shot and did a damn good job, aside nearly breaking down during the song.  Afterward, Christopher held me as I let out a few sobs -- it was nice!
August 19, 2002 : Kara experienced something she's never done before.....hehehe, she went to Karaoke -- and sang!  My newest friend has become the latest victim in my Karaoke craze and she loved it!  Together we sang "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls and "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton!  Next time, she's going solo!
August 30, 2002 : I have found that I'm becoming a fan of Avril Lavigne.  After watching the MTV Video Music Awards last night and watching her perform live, I also realized her one guitarist is HOT!  After work today, I'm buying the CD!
September 11, 2002 : Christopher and I celebrated our six month anniversary.  Sadly, it was on the year anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center, but we didn't let that bring us down!
September 17, 2002 : Christopher and I finally have cable and internet access!  So you know what all this means.....more web page updates and more obnoxious emails from me :)  Love you all!

Former "Young and Restless" Star
Thom Bierdz

Evan Taubenfeld
Lead Guitarist for Avril Lavigne