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Here are the various sites along the web that I love to visit!!! 

Visit The Sims Official Site!

The Sims
The Sims Resource (www.thesimsresource.com)
 is one of the greatest places I know to get my Sims stuff!
  It's shopping without spending money!!
The Sims.com (www.thesims.com)
 is the official site for the game.
Sims GO GO GO (simsgogogo.moonfruit.com)
 is the best site available for your male sims!  You MUST
 check this out!
Buffy Sims (buffysims.com)
 This Sims site is a must for any fan of The Sims AND
 Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


Gay.com (www.gay.com)
 is my number one source for what is happening
 in society regarding GLBTY.
Out.com (www.out.com)
 is another valuable source.

Check out Bianca's for all things Phoenix!

Marvel.com (www.marvel.com)
 is my favorite place to catch up on my X-Men!
Gay League of America(www.gayleague.com)
This place is a place for homosexuals who
 eat/drink/breathe comics!  I've been a member
 off and on for years and I love
 this place!
Bianca's Ultimate Jean Grey Page
this fan is just as dedicated to Phoenix
as I am, she just has more talent
 in web design!
Raving Toy Maniac (www.toymania.com)
 For the toy enthusiest, this is the ultimate site!
  A site completely devoted to all play things
 from action figures to dolls.
X-Men Movie(s) Official Site (www.x-men-the-movie.com)Fox's official site for the X-Men
 movie franchise.
 Any fan of the original Batgirl must stop by here!
JOE PHILLIPS (www.joephillips.com) Fantastic
Artist who's site is completely awesome!


E! Online (www.eonline.com)
 is where I get my entertainment fix!
Jump The Shark (www.jumptheshark.com)
 A fun filled site that lets you rate the exact moment
 when you think a television show has bit the dust!  A
 literal cornucopia of titles from the well known to the
 obscure is here--and laughs will follow!
Ian McKellen Official Web Page (www.mckellen.com)
 He's Sir Ian McKellen to some, Dame
Ian McKellen to others, but to me,
he's also Magneto!  Here is his web
site, where he checks in rather
frequently to update his current projects
and say hello to his fans!
Thom Bierdz (www.thombierdz.com)
 Are you a fan of The Young and the Restless?  Do you
 remember Phillip Chancellor III, alcoholic flame of Cricket
 and father of Nina's baby???  Check this out to see what
 he's been up to!
Victoria Beckham (victoriabeckham.mu)
 The official site from the former Spice Girl, who's about
 to break in the U.S.!
Tom Lenk Official Site (tomlenk.com)
 The official site for the actor who most recently guest
 starred on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", this is one cute
 and funny guy!
Famke Janssen Shrine (famkejanssenshrine.com)
 Famke doesn't have an official web page (WHY THE HELL NOT??!) but this one suffices!
Will Young Official Web Page (wyoung.co.uk/)
The official site to Britain's first Pop Idol winner!


 The official site to the soap that I love the most.  Find
 out all you can from the past to the present.
Queer As Folk (www.queer.sho.com)
Feeling a little frilly??  Check out cable TV's hottest
gay show -- full of interactive menus and information,
 you'll find it "hard" to find anything comparable.
The Young and the Restless (www.youngandtherestless.com)
 My second most favorite soap opera is online -- complete
 with history and family trees, this is one intricate site!
 NBC's official site for the sitcom of best friends and
 their zany sidekicks!
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (www.buffyguide.com)
 An awesome site dedicated to Buffy and the Scoobies!
Television Without Pity (www.televisionwithoutpity.com) A site devoted to reviewing and
often times, ragging on a number
of different television programs
on the market!  A fun look, especially
for the television enthusiest!
Jem Unlimited (jemunlimited.com)
 The best site for fans of the 80's cartoon "Jem and
 the Holograms"!

FRIENDS -- Just click their names to go to their site!
Kara -- This is my friend Kara, she is perhaps
one of the greatest people I've known in my
 entire life -- find out more
about her, and let me know what
you think!
Dan -- This is the site my best friend designed
for the dojo that he is a member of.  It's
an awesome site which he has worked
very hard on. (Ninpo Traditions Ninjutsu
Alex--This guy is a tremendous musical talent.  No, he
 doesn't have any of his music featured here, but I have to
credit him in some way.