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6.26.03 : This hasn't been a banner day.  Aside the
fact of not sleeping well, I get coupled with the fact
that a good friend of mine is attracted to me.  So,
when I go to exert that to the current man in my
life who isn't my boyfriend, only the love of my life,
 he states many positive things.  Then somehow
upon reproach, he has to bring up exactly how he
has been wronged in the last seven months.  For
someone who's gotten over this issue, and as much
as I've tried, it is clear to say that someone isn't
as willing to let go and move on as I.
6.25.03 : Well, I got the bug worked out of The
Sims to which I'm grateful for.  Other than that
it has just been a depressing day.  I can't seem
to get out of this slump of pure ick factor.  Still
no job.  Nearly one month to have enough money
to find another place to live.
6.23.03 : I'm fuming mad right now because
 my Sims game keeps crashing, and I'm working
 hard to develop a great storyline.  Ugh, that is
 so frustrating.  I'm still on the job hunt, nothing
 too promising as of yet.  Let's hope tomorrow
something hits, and hits big!