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I was born Chad Anthony Lloyd Miller on February 28, 1976 in Constantine, Michigan. 
I was born to my single mother Cathy on her kitchen table.  One month premature,
I was breeched with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck.
A couple of years later, my mom married John Willma and they produced a daughter,
my sister, Chianne.  They eventually divorced and my mom raised us alone until she
met Fred Kielau.
At the end of the fourth grade, we moved with Fred to Three Rivers where Mom and
Fred got married.  Spending one school year there, we then moved to Vicksburg
where I began my pre teen adolescent period.  Not fun.
In the beginning of eighth grade, we moved once more to Kalamazoo, where I
attended Parchment schools.  Fred was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed
away seven months later.
I discovered my love for acting/singing/drawing in these next years, involving
myself in plays and musicals and even auditioning for the Parchment High
School Choralaires.  My
senior year was the best year of my life -- also my deadliest.
I ended up having open heart surgery on my 18th birthday.
After graduation, I came out of the closet, moved away from home and
have had many adventures along the way.
Current Information :
City : Kalamazoo
State : Michigan
Height : 5'7"
Weight : 130 lbs
Hair : Blondish Brown
Eyes : Blue
Status : Gay and single
Pet : A stuffed rabbit named Bunny
Favorites (most of which you'll know from this site)
Color : Blue
Food : Cheese
Book : "Memory and Dream" Charles DeLint
Movie : X2 : X-Men United
Actor : Jude Law
Actress : Famke Janssen
Song : "Are You Happy Now?" Michelle Branch
TV Show : Queer as Folk
Interests : Animated red headed chicks (Jessica Rabbit, Teela, Ariel, Kim
Possible, G.I. Joe's Scarlett), X-Men, Eeyore, Scooby-Doo, drawing, Karaoke, web pages.
AOL Instant Messenger : XFENIXFYRE