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I have become quite the film buff over the past couple of years.  I've always loved movies, but I've grown a much greater appreciation of the art form itself.  I certainly have a ton of favorites, "X2:X-Men United", "Batman Begins", "Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2", are among the top few.
Rather than sit and list all of my favorite movies, I will dedicate this page of my site to movies that are coming up that I simply cannot wait to see.

I grew so skeptical when I heard that Brett Ratner was taking over the directing helm.  In fact, with "X-Men" and "X2: X-Men United" director Bryan Singer taking most of his production crew to do "Superman Returns", I was certain the franchise was lost.
As the cast ballooned and spoilers about the script arose, I became even more concerned.  I was so worried that this third film would be the "Batman & Robin" of the X-Men franchise, and that would kill me.
Upon seeing the teaser trailer, and the first official trailer (waiting for the new one to be released soon!) things started looking up for me.  Now that magazines are publishing articles, and we're seeing more footage I'm holding a lot more faith that it may very well be a good movie.  My current concern is that it is rooted heavily in the comics, which I fear may lend to more over the top moments, which Singer tended to shy away from.  However I hear the story is deeper, darker, and Famke Janssen will break our hearts (duh, she did that for me in X2!).  This is the biggest movie for me currently and I don't know how much longer I can keep myself together.
I'm putting a lot of faith in Ratner to keep with the tone of the first two films.  As long as he evolves and not devolves, I'm completely cool with that.
The trailer has some serious kick ass moments, and I'm sure there is bound to be more in the movie!