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Momentus Occasions in My Life By Age :

February 28, 1976 : I'm born! (duh)
5 : I have my tonsils removed and came down with scarlet fever afterwords.
7 : Broke my left arm for the third time, by Bobby Green.
8 : My best friend Melinda Kemp died in a house fire with her siblings and
     another friend.
     My Grandfather died.
     I met my father for the first and last time.
10 : We moved to Three Rivers.
11 : We moved to Vickburg.
        I joined the Drama Club
12 : We moved to Kalamazoo where I attended Parchment Schools.
13 : I received a waterbed for my birthday
       I played an old geizer in "Kodiak Flapjack"
16 : I starred as Miles in "The Turn of the Screw"
17 : I starred as Ali Hakim in "Oklahoma!"
       I auditioned for the Parchment High School Choralaires and made it!
       I earned my first solo in "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
18 : Had open heart surgery on my 18th birthday
       Played Charlie Brown in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!" one
       month after my surgery.
       High School Graduation
19 : Lost my virginity to Sarah Reiter
       Came out of the closet
       Performed in "The King and I" and "Two Gentlemen of Verona" at the
       Kalamazoo Civic
       Got drunk for the very first time!
22 : Went to New York City
24 : My best friend Dan marries Jelene!
       Went to Disney World!
25 : Went to California
26 : Dan and Jelene's baby girl, Vivian is born
       I met Christopher and fell in love
       Moved in with Christopher
       Saw Huey Lewis and the News Live!