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For the latest information about what is going on in my world, this is the place to be!  Updates on my life and what's going on in my world -- you'll find it all right here!!!!

May 5, 2002 : Wow, what a weekend!  I got to see Spider-Man and it ROCKED!!  I was really happy with that!  Tomorrow it is back to work for me :(  But I am still enjoying the job even if it is morning hours!

May 1, 2002 : Well, I am in the first week of my new job working at Standard Federal!  I am most excited and elated at the new experience.  The people that I'm working with seem really cool at the moment and I appear to be doing an excellent job thus far!
Tobey Maquire is SPIDER-MAN!

April 24, 2002 -- I'm super excited for the Spider-Man movie.  Not only have the promo shots (including a very buff Tobey Maguire) and TV ads have been hot -- I'm super geeked!!!  I think this will be a most entertaining flick!